The following list is not a financial advice. It is not a full list of blockchain startups with upcoming token launch and can never be full. Some of these projects may deliver a great product, some of them will fail. There will be tokens that will enter top 100 list…

A list of ongoing incentivised testnets among both already tradable and non-tradable assets. The Incentivized Testnet is the process of testing the product to make sure it will work properly upon launch. During incentivized testnet users, participants, validators or contributors are rewarded and those coins will become tradable upon launch.

Founder and CEO of Fetch.AI, Humayun Sheikh, was kind enough to answer our questions about Fetch.AI fundraising, plans for the future, role of digital assets, competitors and outcomes from 2018.

Founder and CEO of Fetch.AI, Humayun Sheikh

Would you be so kind to describe the target audience of Fetch.AI products. Do you have a business development plan? Can you share some highlights?

Our BD strategy in the medium term is two prong; build a developer community and engage corporate partners.

To engage the developer community we plan…

Ariel Ling, co-founder and COO of BitMax, has shared her thoughts on the current state of digital assets and what to expect in the next years, what retail investor should take into account when buying any cryptocurrencie and the key factors that drive the value of the token/coin.

Ariel Ling, BitMax COO

Why, when and how have you started your crypto journey?

I started my crypto journey at the beginning of 2018 when my long-time friend, the co-founder and CEO of, Dr. George Cao “pulled” me out of the traditional Wall Street and asked me to join him in launching this…

ICO Analytics will provide media support to Malta Blockchain Summit that will take place on November 1 and 2 at InterContinental Malta.

As has become evident in the first half of 2018, Malta is consolidating its position as the global blockchain hub, earning the title of ‘Blockchain Island’ in media…

Nate Zhang — Financial Director of CoinDaily answered our questions in regards to upcoming initial coin offering of the platform.

Check out our review of Coindaily platform by the link.

Q) What is the concept of Coindaily. Would you be so kind to describe the idea, target audience and revenue…


Trias — блокчейн платформа для смарт-контрактов на основе надежной сети.
Trias это аббревиатура (Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems) расшифровывающаяся как “доверенные надежные интеллектуальные автономные системы”. Проект нацелен на создание надежной инфраструктуры вычислений общего назначения, в которой любая система и программное обеспечение реализуют только ожидаемое поведение.
Базовыми характеристиками платформы являются…

Why do we need that?
First of all we are participating in ICOs as any other investors. Sometimes it is public sales, sometimes any forms of presales. As you know in crypto world hype around project is one of the key factors that influence the price of the token after listing…


Это корейский проект верификации данных с дополнительными функциями. Это слой протокола идентификации интернета следующего поколения, работающий на блокчейне с использованием системы «бездоверительного доверия» («trustless trust»). Целью Metadium является полная оцифровка реального мира и решение проблемы доверия к системам он-лайн идентификации.
Традиционный процесс проверки цифровых данных пользователя встроен в процесс…

Harmony это очередной новый блокчейн. Планируют создать открытый маркетплейс для децентрализованной экономики, сравнимый по масштабу с Google. Заявляют быстродействие в 10 миллионов tx/sec, время задержки 100 миллисекунд и плату за транзакции в 0,1%.

В основе Harmony лежит OmniLedger — безопасный бездоверительный распределенный реестр, который использует шардинг. OmniLedger сейчас показывает быстродействие…

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